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Welcome to the Team 8B webpage. Please refer to links below.

Parent Portal! Please check with the office (815-229-2450) if you do not have the password to access your child's grades. To see individual class assignments, click on the percent or letter grade for the class.    Link to Parent Portal

English Language Arts Math/Algebra Science Soc. Studies
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Who are the 8B teachers at Eisenhower?
Mrs. Johnson..........Social Studies       
Ms. Magee..............Science                 
Mr. Mase................Math                     
Mrs. Perone............English                 
Mrs. Stuckey...........Language Arts      
Mrs. Dorst..............Counselor             
How can I keep up-to-date with my student's progress?
There are several ways to keep informed:

1. Ask your child how he is doing on a regular basis. Check thier Assignment notebook every night.
2. Use the Parent Portal! You can access your child's grades online through PowerSchool. The office has your password and login information.
3. Check the Homework website page at least once a week.
4. Progress reports are mailed home 1/2 way into each grading period.
5. Report cards are mailed home to all students at the end of each grading period.
6.  Send a note with your child, call the school, or e-mail the teacher to get an update at any time.
What is Rockford School District grading scale?
90% - 100%  A
80% - 89%   B
70% - 79%   C
60% - 69%   D
0%  - 59%   F