Mr. Richard's Earth Science Class

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I begin working with your child.  I am especially excited about this school year because I have been working collaboratively with the Rhode Island Technology Enhancement Systems (RITES) program over the past two summers.  This will be my third year working with the eighth graders, but my first working with the technology.  I am genuinely looking forward to the excitement that the technology will bring into the classroom.  I will have complete access to a SmartBoard for the first time and want all parents/guardians to know that technology will be a big part in this year’s Earth Science class. In order to be prepared for this transition with the technology, I attended the Rhode Island College RITES program for 100 hours over the last two summers.  During this time I was able to gather materials and gain the much needed knowledge for using this equipment in my classroom.  There will most likely be some bumps in the road, but overall I truly believe that the technology will bring a level of excitement for the students and challenge them to become greater thinkers.   

Following, I would like to encourage parent – teacher communication by offering my contact information to you.  You will also be able to monitor our new web page which will be utilized to involve communication by giving notice of quizzes and tests and other important team information.  My email is and you may also contact me by phone at (401) 233 – 1930 ext 2744.  I try to respond within 24 hours maximum.   

Feel free to stop in at Open House on Wednesday September 15th  from 6:30pm -8pm.  I would like to meet as many parents as I can.  If Open House does not fit into your busy schedules, feel free to contact me or any other team member to set up an appointment to meet.  Communication between the parents and teachers is a vital component to your child’s success.  I’ll look forward to seeing many of you at Open House.   


Mr. Brian Richard

8 Silver Earth Science

N.A. Ferri Middle School

Grading Policy:

Homework:  while not given out regularly is given to strengthen the concepts talked about in class and is worth 10% of their grade. 

Quizzes:  All quizzes are given with due notice and always covers the classwork/homework and is worth 20% of their grade

Lab Reports:  Their will be a formal lab given once each quarter, but we may have mini-labs given throughout the year and lab reports account for 30% of their grade

Tests:  Tests will be given with at least 3 days prior notice and always cover a culminating amount of work in a quarter.  I average 2 tests per quarter and they are worth 40% of their grade.

Classwork/Participation:  Due to the textbooks not being able to go home, there is lots of classwork which counts as homework.  Homework usually consists of handouts or review work.  This does not have a numerical rating, but rather shows me their indivdual effort in class on a daily basis.

Extra Credit:  I do not give extra credit assignments.  However, I do give opportunities for extra credit on quizzes/tests.


All students are required to have at least a 70 page notebook and a pen/pencil each class.  They are required to come to class prepared.  The lack of doing so could result in a detention.  I do allow them to go to their locker, but after several instances, I may feel the need to issue a detention for class disruption and being unprepared. 

Calculators, rulers, colored pencils, crayons, etc, are provided, but your son/daughter can bring their own in anytime. 

Thank you for your continued support!