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Quick Facts

Name: Beth Braddock

Birthday: March 7th

Hometown: Frazeysburg

High School: Tri-Valley

College: Northern Illinois

My favorites


Subject: Math or Language Arts

Color: Blue

Food: I have many! Shrimp is probably at the top right now

Animal: Dogs are my favorite pets, but white tigers are my favorite wild animals.

Vacation Place: Cairns, Australia

Book: Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Movie: Finding Nemo

Sport: Gymnastics


My Husband





   My husband, Jason, and I got married on December 22nd of 2007. He is currently the 8th grade Math teacher at the Middle School. He also coaches volleyball at the middle school. We love to travel and spend time at home with our three dogs. We are also excited and awaiting the arrival of our little girl in November. 

Our Dogs








      We have three dachshunds, Chloe, Babbs, and Lucy.


        Chloe is black and tan and she loves to be up high and always gets excited to have company. She can get a little jealous when we give the other dogs attention, and she loves to run in our yard. We got her from the shelter in Zanesville.









       Babbs is a long-haired brown dachshund. He loves to play ball and will bark until you play with him.  He also can get grouchy if you move him when he’s tired. We got him from a family friend when they were going to take him to the shelter.







        Lucy is a black, white, and tan dachshund mix. We got her from the shelter in Zanesville. We originally got her for a friend, but she quickly became a part of our family, and we were excited to keep her. She loves to run in the yard and snuggle on your lap.



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