Behavior Expectations

            In order to make this year successful, I would like to go over my expectations regarding classroom rules.

Classroom Rules

1.   Always try your best

2.   Follow directions

3.   Raise your hand to speak

4.   Think about the choices you have and choose the one that is best for you and others around you

5.   Keep our room neat and safe

6.   Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Consequences for Choices

            Praise and positive reinforcement are the main components of our management plan.  I believe in using positive methods of reinforcement, which encourages self-control, self-direction, and self-esteem.   


            However, I have designed consequences for negative behavior.  I call it 3-Strikes.  If negative behavior is demonstrated: 

1)    Students will be reminded of the correct behavior needed,

2)    If the behavior continues the student will be given 1 strike and asked to take a “break” (go to a quiet area within the classroom).  After the student has had reasonable time to reflect on the behavior, we will discuss the behavior itself, as well as ways to prevent the behavior from reoccurring,

3)    The next time the behavior occurs, the student will be given a 2nd strike and asked to take a break and be required to write on the R.O.B. (Reflect On Behavior) paper.  This requirement will allow the student to reflect and manage their own behavior,

4)    If the behavior continues, the student will be given a 3rd strike and a letter may be sent home or a phone call may be made notifying you of the behavior.  Together we will design a plan to help your child correct the behavior.