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What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a web-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation program. Google Docs allows you to create or upload existing files and easily edit and collaborate from any computer with Internet access. By using Google Docs to share and edit files, you can save yourself from having to e-mail files back and forth – all changes to a document are made in real-time.

How Can I Use Google Docs?

Many people us Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Internet at some point during their day. Often, these same people will create a file, e-mail it or print it off for someone when they are done or want someone else to edit it. Google Docs allows you to create, edit, upload, and share files easily – all online. This means that you can have access to files from where ever you have an Internet connection.

•  Collaborate on or share files with other teachers, administrators, students and parents
•  Create forms that automatically tally and summarize data and information
•  Share lesson/unit plans
•  Create quizzes and tests (even self-grading quizzes)
•  See the attached pages for documentation on how to

a.  Create, use, and share a document, spreadsheet, form, and presentation
b.  Create a form
c.  Create a self-grading quiz
d.  Create interactive flash cards (great for interactive white boards!)
e.  Create interactive word searches
f.  Create interactive word studies
g.  Exporting files

•  For many other ideas about using Google Docs in the classroom, visit the Google Docs Ideas for Teachers web sites:


•   There are many templates that are also available online. These can be found once you are logged in to your Google account by clicking on New and then choosing From template.

You can get your own Google Docs account by going to -