Professional Development

      My experience with Twitter has been beneficial in finding new ideas relating to the educational world of technology and resources.  Twitter has allowed me to stay up to date with the latest news and current tools such as professional development opportunities and activities for educators.  There are many resources posted on Twitter that help enhance new technological ideas in a schoolroom setting.  For instance, some of the Twitter handles I follow provide educators with news, help and tips for regarding the latest technology.  Individuals also have the opportunity to contact Twitter handles for further assistance on the specific products to implement into the classroom.

            Being exposed to various trends of education on Twitter has altered my professional development plan.  It allows me to see amounts of professional development opportunities relating to my technological use in the classroom.  I am able to find out the newest information I need about certain workshops, webinars, and online professional development courses by viewing the Twitter feed and other helpful Tweeters.  With that being said, Twitter provides me with advantages of learning about current and new technologies by staying up to date with specific educational technology handles. It is helpful that I can follow multiple Twitter handles in order to find specific information and resources. For example, there are various types of educational learning software and resources that students can use in school.  Some examples of these are Edmodo, Kidblog, Hour of Code, BrainPop, or Prezi.  However, those are only a few examples of technologies that can enhance and develop student learning.  Following Twitter handles of software and resources can help an educator stay up to date on new ideas and things happening in the technological world.

            Participating in professional development and leadership activities will provide me with a set of skills that I can incorporate into my own teaching.  All individuals learn in different ways, and I happen to learn technological things better face to face in order to reteach it to someone else whether it be other educators or students.  With that being said, Twitter provides research and information regarding specific software and resources educators need to continue learning and practicing professional development.  My experience with Twitter has made me more aware of digital tools, software, and resources by finding research from different Twitter handles on the importance of staying up to date with technology in education.



  1. Ability to identify and evaluate technology resources and technical assistance (i.e., those available on-line and on-site within a school and district setting).
  2. Ability to assess advantages and limitations of current and emerging technologies, on-line resources and software to facilitate teaching and student learning.
  3. Ability to engage in professional growth and leadership activities, including modeling lifelong learning by participating in face to face and online learning communities to continuously improve professional practice using existing and emerging digital tools, resources, and current research that focuses on improved student learning, as well as promotes professional development of other educators.