AirPods Flashing Green? Here's How To Fix It!


Are you worried why are my airpods flashing green then you do not need to as in this blog you will get to know why your airpods are flashing green and how you would be able to fix this error. 

Reasons why the airpods are flashing green – 

If your airpods case is not recognizing the airpods then you might encounter green flash or if the software which gives power to the airpods has turned out to be obsolete. 

If one of your airpods hasn’t been charged properly or if there is some damage to your airpods then you might see green flashes. 

Ways for fixing the green flash on your airpods – 

There are several ways which you can try for fixing the airpods showing green flashes and you can try out these ways and fix the error with your airpods. 

The first way which you should try is to reset the airpods by placing the airpods in the case and then ensuring that the lid is closed tightly and then it will restart on its own after 30 seconds. 

The next way which you can try is to upgrade the software on which your airpods are working and ensure that the latest version is working on your airpods. 

Another way which you should try to fix airpods flashing green is to ensure that your airpods as well as your airpods case is charged and the battery is full. 

We hope that the details which we have mentioned for you about fixing the error with airpods turning green has been helpful for you in fixing the error which you are fixing.