Classroom Management Plan

Class Rules and Expectations

Schools are established for the benefit of all students. The educational purposes of the schools are accomplished best in a climate of student behavior that is socially acceptable and conducive to the learning and teaching process. Student behavior that disrupts this process or that infringes upon the rights of other individuals will not be tolerated. (Excerpt from Board Rule 6Gx13-5D-1.08)

It is my belief that all students are valuable and can make worthy contributions to their classroom, families, and communities.

  • All students will be responsible and accountable for their choices and decisions.
  •  All students will keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times.
  • All students will show respect for the teacher and their peers as well as for the property of others.
  • All students will stay in their assigned seats unless otherwise instructed.
  • All students will raise their hands and wait to be called upon to share and/or speak.


Students will be expected to follow these rules at ALL times during the day. All students start their learning day on a green colored card. Any time a student breaks the rules the student will be asked to change their color card as follows.

  • First Infraction:Verbal warning, no card change

  • Second Infraction:Think/Write About It!  Student needs to write a few thoughts about his/her behavior and how he/she will improve the behavior (5 min.)
  • Third Infraction: Change Card to Yellow
  • Fourth Infraction:Change Card to Red (Teacher phone call/note home)

**Severe misbehavior will result in an immediate “Red Card” for the day. This includes fighting, cursing, cheating, or any acts of physical violence**

Cafeteria Rules

All students will adhere to cafeteria rules as stipulated in the student hand book. Again, students will be responsible and accountable for their choices and descisions. Remember your cafeteria is a dining place just like a restaurant. When in the cafeteria:

  •  All students will remain seated until they are instructed to line up.
  • All students are expected to use their table manners at all times.
  • Students should not share food as this can cause spread of illness or disease.
  • All students are expected to clean their eating areas before leaving the table.

Classroom Management Plan

  • Students that make good choices and follow class rules, will be given "caught being good stars/making good choices tickets. Tickets will be picked on Fridays. Winning tickets will warrant a trip to the treasure box. 
  • Students are seated in cooperative groups. Each group is a team. Teams that make good choices, follow rules, work together and demonstrate a cooperative team effort will also receive team points. Teams must have a minimum of 10 points at the end of each day to receive a reward from the teacher.
  • Compliment Chain - When the class receives a compliment from another teacher, administator, or staff member, a link will be added to our compliment chain. When the chain reaches the floor the class will be rewarded with an ice cream party, popcorn and a movie or any other treat chosen by the teacher.  (compliments of the teacher). 


You can expect your student to have daily homework. In addition, we expect your child to read independently for 30 minutes per night. Please let us know if we can do anything to support you or your student in completing homework. We are here for you and your student.


Unless your child is ill, please ensure that your child comes to school prepared to learn every day. The school year is short and we need to ensure we make the most of every day so that your child can learn everything necessary to prepare for the next grade. If your child is absent, please be aware that all make-up work needs to be turned in within three days of your child’s return to school.