Interactive Notebook

For this class you are required to have an Interactive Notebook (IN)

The IN is an effective tool to help you organize and retain information on the units we study throughout the year. IN allows you to record information about history in an engaging way.As you learn about new ideas, you will use several types of writing and innovative graphic techniques to record them. This process will involve you and that requires you to use critical thinking skills to organize and process information, thus increasing the likelihood of remembering the information.


How to Use the Interactive Notebook (IN)

Your IN is like a portfolio and notebook combined. On the right side you will include all reading notes, thinking maps, and anchor charts given in class. On the left side,you will "interact" with the material by refleting on the information learned and displaying it in a way of your choosing.


Grading of the Interactive Notebook (IN)

I will grade your IN after each unit to make sure you are keeping up with it. I may also give individual grades for assignments as needed. The rubric for grading your IN is below:

Visual Appearnace/Organization (30 pts.)

  • Includes a complete Table of Contents
  • Work is neat and organized
  • Headings and dates on all pages
  • Effective use of color

Quality & Completeness (70pts)

  • Notes & right-side work is complete & of high quality.
  • Left-side work is complete & shows processing of the work done on the right side.
  • Evidence of following instructions
  • Includes graphic representations of thought.
  • No missing work (even if you were absent)

Extra Credit (10pts. only given if IN is exceptional)

  • Obvious evidence of time invested.
  • Obvious evidence of learning.
  • Effort & quality of work is exceptional.