September 27, 2017, Wednesday (Completed)

Social Studies: Chapter 1.

  • Read Chapter 1:  lesson 1 and 2-  pgs 4 to 19
  • Review workbook pages 3 and 5

October 3, 2017 (Completed)

Science: Chapter2: technology

  • Read Chapter 2: lesson 1,2,and 3-  pgs 51 to 65
  • Review homework worksheets in Orange Science Folder (3 worksheets in total)

October 11, 2017(Completed)

Math: Division as Sharing and Division through repeated Subtraction: lesson 1-5 and lesson 1-6

  • Pages 31 to 42.
  • please read through the lessons, and review the homework problems done. The questions will be written with the same format as the homework questions, just the numbers will be switched

October 19 2017(Completed)

Journeys "trial of Cardigan Jones" study workbook pages 15-26

October 25,2017(Completed)

Islam test: surah al layal ayah 1-15. 

October 27, 2017(Completed)

Science: Chapter 3. Please read lesson 1-3 Students must know vocabulary. Study worksheets and read lessons. 

Arabic test.

OCtober 31, 2017(Completed)

Social Studies: Chapter 2. Lesson 1-3 (pages 26-47). Study test worksheets and workbook pages 6-9. 

November 15, 2017

Islam: Unit A Chapter 4 and 5

November 16, 2017

English: Read "Destiny's Gift". Comprehension questions will be asked. Study the vocabulary words- Spelling Counts. Review Workbook pages 29 to 42. Students shuld be able to write compound sentences by using the 4 conjuction words (and, but, or , so) Correctly. Studen should know how to fix a Run on sentence, and be able to identify on from a list of choices.

November 20, 2017

Science: Read Chapter 3, lesson 1-5. Study the worksheets. Students have aleady read and have been tested on lessons 1-3; so questions will be asked from those lessons as a review.