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Better memory - How to get a better memory

Everyone can learn to get a better memory, whether it is in relation to the study, work or in private. To learn better, we provide a number of tips and tricks to build a better memory.

How does our memory work?
Simplified, our memory can be described as a collection of data or information related to each other. When we get new knowledge, cognitive links are created between our existing knowledge and the new one. The more links that can be formed between new and old knowledge, the easier we will remember the new we have learned.

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Also, there is a gréat différence between what things we as biological species are good and bad to remember. Eg. It is not as natural for the brain to remember telephone numbers and PINs as it is to remember people's faces. It is based on our biology, where we by nature have not needed to be able to remember number combinations to survive in the days of the ages, and therefore it is not an ability that is particularly well developed.

Speeches are additionally symbolic values, and it is therefore even more difficult to relate them to other things. Of course, numbers are not the only thing we can find difficult to remember but are a good example of something we all know.

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The brain's "economy" affects the possibility of better memory
The brain's economy means how effectively the brain works with the supply of a certain amount of energy. A little square can be said to be comparable to the fuel efficiency of a car - if the efficiency of the car is high, you will be able to get longer on the liter, and in the same way, it is with the brain.

However, unlike the car, we have the opportunity to influence how effective our brain is, and thereby we can build a better memory. An economically effective brain corresponds to a brain with better memory, where economically, of course, has nothing to do with money, but denotes the relationship between spent energy and yield.

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When we spend too much time on something, we get better at it, we all know it, but what actually happens is that our brain becomes so familiar with the specific task that it is no longer necessary to use it the same amount of energy in that context. This means that our brain becomes more economical, or in other words, you have got a better memory in that area

Better memory with financial brain

Our little brain uses considerably less energy than our big brain, but it can over time carry out the tasks that were previously treated by the cerebellum, because we have enough cognitive links regarding the thing in question that we do not need the same amount of energy to solve the given task or remember a particular thing.

That is what ultimately gives us a better memory because it releases a lot of energy that the rest of the brain can use on other things, such as to remember something that is harder to come by or focus on learning a new task faster because it works more efficiently.

The trick is now, of course, how we can get our little brain to carry out more tasks, so we can get a better memory and a faster mindset. Basically, the solution is that we need to become better at forming strong cognitive links faster and that one can fortunately train for.

Tips and tricks for a better memory
There are several different ways to get a better memory, but they are all about making it easier to create cognitive links so that you can both learn new and remember better.

Attention and will
The basis for getting a better memory is that we are aware of the things we want to remember and at the same time that we actually make ourselves aware that we want to remember that information.

Get a better memory and learn to think faster

To sharpen the likelihood that you can remember something, you may possibly, say the thing aloud. It could Be that one should learn the name of a person. By saying the name aloud, preferably while looking at the person, one activates more senses, and thus also the brain to a greater extent.

In this way, it can be easier to remember the person's name later, as you have a stronger mental link between the person's appearance, the sound of their name, as well as the thought and feeling of the name. Mental links like this are the goal if you want a better memory.

Systematization gives better memory
When you have to remember something, it is very useful to be able to put things in the system. By "translating" the new information into something you already know, they become easier to remember. For example, if you To remember his hotel room C-30, it does not directly relate to something that you already know and you cannot activate more senses to make the learning process easier.

If, instead of thinking of C-30 as an abstract combination of a letter and two numbers, one could instead think that C is an abbreviation for Celsius, and that 30 is the value of the heat scale. This way you can easily remember your hotel room, because you just have to think about 30 degrees.

A technique like this is very useful if you have to build a better memory, and although it can take some training to teach yourself to think that way when you have to remember something, you will ultimately make it much easier for you to absorb new knowledge.

Repetition ad libitum
Repetition is a "brute force" method for developing better memory, but is also very straightforward, and therefore sometimes better than other methods. For example, if you To learn German bend schemes, the best way can be to just start from one end and either say them out loud or write them down until they are stuck in memory.

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It may seem slow when you stand in it, but the more iterations you make, the stronger the mental connections in the brain, and thereby build a better memory even if it does not feel that way at the moment.

It is often not immediately discovered that you get a better memory because it is a gradual process, but after a few months, you will often be able to detect a noticeable difference in memory.

Get a better memory by thinking photographically
A photographic memory can be something you are born with, and if you are, you are lucky because it is the best condition for a good memory. And if one sees for his inner eyes the things to remember, it becomes much easier to evoke from memory when necessary.

Fortunately, for those who are not born with a photographic memory, it is something that can be trained. The techniques are both fast and efficient and can help build a better memory in a short time. People generally think a lot in pictures, but few people can organize them, so they get a better memory of it.


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