Welcome Classy:D

Hello guys in Miss. Colucci's class:-)

If you miss a day of school you are in the right place, if u need help studying you are in the right place, if u need help with class work u are in the right place, and a calendar for dates you need to know.  Go ahead and explore...



25 facts about ME!!!:D

  1. I was born on December 21
  2. I am ombessed with CUPCAKES!!!!
  3. I am a Pastry Model with my Best Friend Alli and Cody Simpson
  4.  I have 6 people in my family
  5. I have a boyfriend
  6. I have a samsung cell phone and an itouch but, not a laptop
  7. I luv babies and babysitting
  8. I do volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and cheer.
  9. I luv taking pictures!!!
  10. I luv Music!!!
  11. I luv telling people stories. (one's about my life)
  12. I go to New York twice a year.
  13. I go to Disney 1 every 2 years.
  14. I was born in Gold Coast, Australia and moved to NY and then moved back to Australia
  15. I luv comfy stuff!
  16. I luv hoodies!!!
  17. I blush a lot!!!
  18. I luv making friends!!
  19. I luv making people smile!!!
  20. I luv making memories (good)
  21. I luv being in people's lifes!!
  22. I luv Beleiving
  23. I luv making people's dreams come true!
  24. I luv helping people BELEIVE!!!
  25. I LUV TO HAVE FUN!!!!