Girl Scouts (Solo)

You asked for it, I'm delivering!  I know that you really enjoyed doing Girl Scouts and so, since it's been too many years since we have done a little bit of GS, we are going to get back to it.  You are at the special stage of the Girl Scouts ladder:  Cadette.


As a Girl Scout Cadette, your objectives are not very different from when you were a Brownie.  It's just up-sized (meaning you're a bit older now, so things look a little bit different).  You will:  complete three Journeys, earn your Silver Award (the highest award that a Cadette can attain), get outdoors! and off the beaten trail, earn badges, and LEARN how to become a tutor for younger girls (something that you might take into action in a year or more).  


Your Journeys consist of:  Amaze! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along, Breathe, and the Media Journey book.  


No set schedule for this class, but starting on your path, with the first Journey:  Amaze!, we will be following along with this pdf:  


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