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Grammar & Writing

This class will consist of learning different grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills, but it will also allow you the time and opportunity for your writing.  We will be using several different web sites, as well as online text books, but your main books for grammar and spelling will include:  Your primary spelling book will be:  

Each month we will alternate with writings:  For September, November, January, and March, you will have assigned writings with an exact rubric.  For October, December, February, and April, you will have "freelance" writing, which means that you can write about whatsoever you choose, as long as the writing is proofread for grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.  In May, you will have your Yearly Writing due, which will be a grand assignment that we will submit for the chance to be published at one of these publications:  (We will choose which publication at the beginning of the year, so that we can become familiar with their work.)  We will also be turning this Yearly Writing into a movie.

To expand your vocabulary "box", at the beginning of each week you and your brother will be given a set of vocabulary words, to be used at the end of the week in a game of Sibling Rivalry (Jeopardy).  You will find these words located on this website as well.

As you can tell, this class will be very involved but also very fun.  Unlike most of the other calendars for your other classes, the following is just to give you an idea of what will occur for each week:

August 28:  The Elements of Writing Week (learn how to organize, what "voice" means, what a scoring rubric is, etc.)  This week will be for the sole purpose of preparing you to write.  Grammar, spelling nor vocabulary will start until the week of September 4.

September 4 (ONLY a 4-day week):  

A.  Assigned Writing:  Personal Perspective (on 'The Truth:  Diary of a Gutsy Tween', to be read in Reading class); Adding Fine Details

B.  Grammar:  Kinds of Sentences, Subject v. Predicate, Adjectives Pack A Punch

C.  Spelling:  Short Vowels and Long Vowels

D.  Vocabulary:  Study Guide 1

September 11:

A.  Assigned Writing:  Personal Perspective (on 'The Truth:  Diary of a Gutsy Tween', to be read in Reading class); Improving Your Sentences

B.  Grammar:  Independent vs Dependent Clauses, Compound and Complex Sentences, Combining Sentences, Adverbs Do The Work

C.  Spelling:  EI vs IE

D.  Vocabulary:  Study Guide 2

September 18:  

A.  Assigned Writing:  Personal Perspective (on 'The Truth:  Diary of a Gutsy Tween', to be read in Reading class) DUE; Using Nouns Correctly

B.  Grammar:  It's A Nouns' World!, Articles & Determiners

C.  Spelling:  r Controlled Vowels, Compound Words

D.  Vocabulary:  Study Guide 3

September 25:  

A.  Assigned Writing:  Review of Ideas (w/Test)

B.  Grammar:  What's Down with Commas?, Subject-Verb Agreement

C.  Spelling:  Unit Review

D.  Vocabulary:  ULTIMATE Jeopardy


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