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P.hysical E.ducation & Health

You will both learn more about yourself while having fun and getting great exercise all in one class:  Physical Education (P.E.) & Health.  Starting on August 28, there will be both classroom times for Health and outside/gym time for P.E.  There is no official book that we will be using, but there will be plenty of supplementary material provided.  The following lists the calendar for this class:


August 28:  Running

September 20:  Personal Health & Grooming

October 17:  Basketball

November 13:  Sexual Education

December 14:  Dance One

January 12:  Different Human Health Problems

February 8:  Swimming

March 5:  The Different Systems

March 29:  Dance Two

April 24:  Preparing for the Obstacle

April 27:  The Obstacle

Get 2 Months for $5!