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Science will be an interesting learning experience, as 6th grade Science is known to be a hodge-podge (a mixture of different topics, with no real label, unlike Chemistry or Biology).  Science will include lessons that have discussions, worksheets, quizzes and tests, and, more importantly (meaning, most fun!) scientific experiments.  Your main textbook will be at this link:  You will also have a workbook at:  Beginning on August 28, below is a list of topics that you will be learning.  Since this class schedule is interactive, should you need more time to spend on any particular topic, dates are interchangeable.


August 28:  The Nature of Science and Technology

September 6:  Interactions Of Life

September 18:  The Nonliving Environment

September 27:  Ecosystems

October 6:  Exploring Space

October 18:  The Sun-Earth-Moon System

October 27:  The Solar System

November 7:  Stars And Galaxies

November 17:  Views Of Earth

December 1:  Atmosphere

December 14:  Weather

January 8:  Climate

January 19:  Ocean Motion

January 31:  Energy And Energy Resources

February 13:  Electricity




Get 2 Months for $5!