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Wicca (Spirituality)

Wicca is a spirituality that you have heard about it since you were born.  It is the center of my existence and has helped me along my path since I was 17.  While I certainly hope that you choose to follow the same spirituality that has both educated and enlightened me, as you know I have always encouraged you to choose your own path, which certainly includes your own ideals and own spirituality.  This class, however, will teach you more about the ground-work of my chosen path.  It will be a tough class but I have no doubt that you will learn a lot.  I can not give you a particular calendar in this class because you will be working at your own pace.  However, the website that we will focus most of our attention on and get most of our lessons from is at:  I have already registered us at this site and informed the High Priestess of our intent to work together here.  Do not be surprised when you FINALLY learn my magickal name (Whispering Lilac).  


Our first class will be titled "The Entrance Exam".  It should be interesting!  As I have already stated, this school does encourage one to work at one's own pace, so don't feel overburdened.  

Get 2 Months for $5!