Judah, Judah... Sweet Judah! 

Only 4 and he is chomping at the bit to get started with "School".

Right now he is racing through his letters and their sounds. 

He recognizes colors and shapes and can trace well. 


Overheard this week:

"Stay your eye on it, Asher!"

We made hats and gloves this evening.

Judah loved his... he and Lydia had sweaty hands all evening. 



Oh, my!... those dimples! LOVE'EM!

At the beach... Pa gave a lesson on scavenger birds. They'll go anywhere and eat anything!

The Fire Museum!!

Play Time!

... at home, on the sea.

... the Gahagan Park... perfect fit for our Castle unit in KONOS!

...and I have just the thing to wear! Each jewel represents a verse memorized. 

... at the Cincy Children's Museum... aka the coolest Children's Museum, EVER!