Lydia, Grace, Lydia Grace, Gracie Lacy, Gracie Lou, Lydie, Miss Priss, Busy Body...

It doesn't matter what you call her,

just get used to calling her...

...and calling her,

...and calling her!

Of late, Miss Priss has taken to putting an "ee" sound on the end of all her favorite words. 

Now it is...

"I want my Juice-ee!"

"I go to bed-ee?"

*while sharing some peanuts with her brother...

"Judah, don't touch my nut-ee... DON'T TOUCH MY NUT-EEEE!"

We LOVE Piggie Tails! (okay, Mommy loves them- and I'm the boss!)


Thanks April!

Lydia and her friends

Late Night Snack: a mini drama

"I'm hungry. Do we have any ice cream?"

"Snack?... no ice cream. How about some toast?" -walking into kitchen, getting out bread.

Ohhhh... HONEY!... what is that?!!!

*enter Hungry Husband

"oh gross! is that what i think it is?

where did you get this from?"

"a yardsale..."

"... but we've used it since then! "

"oh yuck! i can't believe that."

"what are we going to do?!"

"open the front door."

"are you serious?"

"are you willing to clean it?!

i'm not going to eat toast out of there ever again!"

"I can't believe this." -walking to door.

"Wait... come here."

Thanks Lydia.

note to self: watch her closer when making biscuits.

Lydia is going to be a Flower girl. Here's us at Abby's Shower.