The Mobile Mentor

We are a traveling tutoring service that comes to your home to provide this service. We offer tutoring in all subjects Pre-k through 8th with a focus on reading and math. In addition, we also offer lessons on the piano, recorder and clarinet.

We are located in Martinez, Ga. For more information or to set up tutoring sessions or lessons please call Tiffiney Salmons at: 762-218-5904 or email The Mobile Mentor at:

Tips and Strategies for helping your children learn.

Home & Parents: Don't underestimate your influence in your child's life. The home is the 1st experience where learning occurs and parents our the 1st teachers.

*Building a strong foundation in Reading and Math is crucial to a child's success in school.

Reading/Language arts-

* Remember that poor reading skills hinder a student's progress in learning academic content in all areas.

1. To build fluency and comprenhension: Read for 15 - 20 minutes a day.(then, ask about the characters, recall the events of the story, or change the ending to the story)

*For reading with multiple ages- do a shared reading where the book is passed around and then discuss what has been read with regard to the above mentioned elements of the story.

2. Neatness: Practice hand writing, everydsay, in a meaningful way. (example: wrinting a letter to a relative or helping you make out a grocery list.)

3. Letter recognition and phonemic awareness: A - Z, find that letter or sound on a car ride around town. You can look for beginning or ending letter on signs or even in more creative ways. Ex. sign post can look like a T or a fense can look like and H, etc.


1. One to one correspondence: let your child set the table.(example: counting the number of plates needed to set one for everyone) 

2. To practice time: have a clock with hands available, instead of digital. Engage your child in some element of keeping up with time.

3. To practice money: Point out that counting pennies is the same as counting by ones, and counting nickles is the same as counting by fives and counting dimes is the same as counting by tens and then practice with each denomination respectively. After they have mastered this, then put a few coins together and see what they can do. Finally, add in the quarters and fifty cent pieces.

Facts about literacy in the United States.

1. 36% of 4th graders and 27% of 8th graders can't read at the basic level.

2. In 1999, 30% of first-time college students had to take remedial courses becasue they could not read, write or do math at the college entry level.

3. 47% of adults can only read and write on an elementary level.

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