The Holy Ritual of Inviting people to your Indian Wedding

Since the dawn of time, Indian weddings have been negotiable. Inviting people to your wedding should never be an intrusive thought, according to Indian society norms. Indian weddings have always been a part of scrutiny by both sides' families, and even every known people would be invited to the wedding. 




What is an Indian Wedding Card?


The crux of Indian wedding cards is the wedding between two people who belong to Indian families probably. Indian wedding card is an invitation to an Indian wedding. It comprises the description of the wedding. For instance, the wedding venue, the date and time of a particular function, description about the bride and the groom, the time, and how many people are allowed on the wedding day are not mandatory. 


Features of Indian Wedding Card


Indian wedding cards comprise many things that make it different from the rest of the other invitation. Let’s binge examine it; the features of Indian wedding card are as follows:


  1. An Indian Wedding Card should be of vibrant colour and themes such as red, yellow, purple, golden. Although it is subjective and it completely depends upon your choice. You can even choose subtle colours like peach, nude, silver, etc. 
  2. An Indian wedding card must have the bride’s and groom’s name on the top of the invitation card's cover.
  3. Apart from the bride’s and groom’s name, the wedding date should also be mentioned. No doubt, it is the most impressive path printed on an Indian wedding card. 
  4. The cover or the envelope of the wedding is done. Now, you would have to print the description on the pamphlet inside. You can add the venue, date, time of the pre-wedding function. 


Yes, an Indian Wedding has various pre-wedding functions like Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, etc. 


Get your wedding card printed now!


Now that you know everything about the Indian wedding invitation card, you should get it printed by now. To print anIndian wedding cards invitation, you must first select the design of it. You can find various off designs over the internet, or you can go to your local market with your invitation card. If you don't like any of it, you can customise it. Subsequently, ask the printer to print every description you want to add. Cross-check it, and ask him to print it as soon as possible. Voila! Your wedding invitation card is printed. Now, distribute and invite your friends, colleagues and relatives. - Indian Wedding Invitations




An Indian Wedding is not a one-day ceremony. It entails various cultures and rituals. It would be very unlikely to say so because India is a land of various religions, cultures and natives. Every one of them has a different kind of wedding according to religion and their financial status. One thing that is common in all Indian weddings is done zeal and enthusiasm for the celebration. Consequently, this celebration should not fade away because of an Indian wedding invitation card. Go and get it printed for your desi Indian wedding.