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Dear parents and guardians,

Many of you may have heard from your children about the supplies and stools that have been donated to our classroom through the Donor's Choose program.  (So far, I have received 3 bean bag chairs, 6 stools, a heavy duty pencil sharpener, Hot Dots learning games, writing centers, and school supplies that your children use every day!)  People and organizations from all over the country make donations to fund these projects.  I have had local families, anonymous donations from around the country, The Bill Gates Foundation and even Publix donate.  
Any amount, no matter how small is helpful.  If you can make a donation, your children will benefit greatly.  My latest request can be found by clicking right here. Your children and I thank you for your consideration.  Image result for heart gifs
(To learn more about Donor's Choose please click here.)




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This site is a program for math practice. You play math games to earn points and compete for the top spot in our class ranking.  Will you become PLAYER OF THE DAY??? Your user name and password are written in the front of your planner.  



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This is the Broward County website for students to access your online textbooks. Your login name and password are in the front of your planner.  Username: 10-digit student ID.  Password: Student birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy).



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Carving a Pumpkin

Uncover the hidden picture by putting the steps in order. Enter the numbers 1 through 7 in the space provided. (Have an adult help you carve the pumpkin!)
Months in the Year  Uncover the hidden picture by putting the months in the correct order. Enter the numbers 1 through 7 in the space provided. 

Washing Your Hands

Uncover the hidden picture by putting the steps in the correct order. Enter the numbers 1 through 7 in the space provided. 

Planting Flowers

Uncover the hidden picture by putting the steps in the correct order. Enter the numbers 1 through 8 in the space provided. 
Making Cookies Uncover the hidden picture by putting the steps in the correct order. Enter the numbers 1 through 9 in the space provided.   


Getting the Main Idea   

Main Idea 

Click the drop down menu, and press go, to choose a text.  My favorite is Tiger Goes Home. Which quiz do you like best?

Main Idea 

Find the Main Idea then solve a riddle!
Main IdeaSchool smileys The main idea is the main reason the story was written.

Main Idea

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Eleven (11) stories to practice Getting the Main Idea.
Main Idea Find the Main Idea and then solve the riddle.


Finding the Facts

Facts 1

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Turn your sound up high. Then listen to the DEMO before you play the game.                                                  

Facts 2School smileys Click on each sun and planet to learn about them.  Then take a quiz to see what you have learned!

Facts 3

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20 Questions: Animals

Facts 4

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That's wild!!!
Facts 5    (A new game is coming soon ...)


Cause and Effect                       

Cause and Effect 1

Dolphins animal graphics

Flippy's Adventures
Cause and Effect 2 Stealing Home- A Matching Game
Cause and Effect 3 A mini-lesson on Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect 4

Armadillos animal graphics

The Armadillo from Armarillo
Cause and Effect 5 What Caused It?


Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose 1 Battleship!
Author's Purpose 2 Tips from FCAT Explorer
Author's Purpose 3 A Very Important Day
Author's Purpose 4 Learn the DIFFERENCE between informational and persuasive text.
Author's Purpose 5 A lesson on Author's Purpose 


Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast 1 A lesson on Comparing and Contrasting.
Compare and Contrast 2 Cocoa Ice
Compare and Contrast 3 Kid's Lab
Compare and Contrast 4 Tips from FCAT Explorer
Compare and Contrast 5 One Grain of Rice


Context Clues

Context Clues 1 Tips from FCAT Explorer.
Context Clues 2 Mooooo!
Context Clues 3 Kid's Lab
Context Clues 4 Solve the Riddle
Context Clues 5 Over 20 stories to choose from.  Practice using context clues here!


Fact and Opinion

Fact & Opinion 1


Fact & Opinion 2

What do you know?

Fact & Opinion 3

Practice with FACTS

Fact & Opinion 4

Practice with OPINIONS

Fact & Opinion 5

A lesson on Fact and Opinion


Fiction and Non-Fiction

Fiction and Non-Fiction 1 Created by a student: The Difference between fiction and non-fiction.
Fiction and Non-Fiction 2 Fun practice.
Fiction and Non-Fiction 3 Non-Fiction FUN! National Geographic for Kids!
Fiction and Non-Fiction 4 A mini-lesson: Understanding the difference between fiction and non-fiction.
Fiction and Non-Fiction 5 Quiz yourself! Is it Fiction or Non-Fiction?


Extra Reading Games and Sites

FCAT Explorer Get ready for the FCAT.  Your 'user name' and 'password' is in the front of your planner.
Inferencing Battleship!
Dr. Seuss Do you love Dr. Seuss? Come on in!
Make predictions Predict the correct answer with the fewest number of uncovered squares.
Garfield Garfield Step into Professor Garfield's learning lab!




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End marks Which sentence is written correctly?
Sentences types of sentences
FunBrain Reading  Root words
Poetry!  Poetry Machine
Write like an Egyptian! 

Your parents will need to help you with this.

Verbs How many can you get right?



     animated cat

 Chapter 1

Place Value Pirates Please click, " play without decimals" before you begin.
Collect the Ducks  Can you collect 10 ducks?
Mystery Picture  Standard form and Word form practice
Practice!   Drag the pieces onto the board to make the number shown.  This activity is just like what we do in class with the pieces in the bags.
Seashell Rounding Game Rounding makes numbers easier to work with in your head.
Dinosaur Place Value Easy and Fun!
Rounding Spaceships Round to the nearest 10.
Rounding Sharks Round to the nearest 100.
Addition and Subtraction Stop using your fingers and use your mental math power!!!
Robot Subtraction Game  Play the minus mission.
Hot Air Balloons Place value fun!
Addition Hot Air Balloons Click the hot air balloon that has the answer to the problem.

Chapter 2

Pictograph Game Use the pictograph to answer the questions.
Bar Graph Game Favorite Colors
Bar Graph How many of each?
Venn Diagram A lot of practice with venn diagrams. If you get one wrong, it will explain why.  :-)
Line Graph Use the date to make a line graph.
Pictograph Turn a Tally Table into a Pictograph


Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

Cone Crazy A flurry of flavors!
Cone Crazy with 3 levels Easy, Medium, Hard
Space Race The more you get correct, the FASTER you will go!
Stun Attack Use your mouse to hit the frog with the correct answer.
Matching Match the multiplication problem to the correct product.
Dino Dig Can you dig it? Uncover enough bones and you get to uncover a dinosaur!



Dolphin Racing Come and play the dolphins fraction racing game!  The GREATER the fraction you choose the FARTHER your dolphin will move!


and Denominators

Explains what a numerator and a deonimator are. 

Soccer Fractions Answer each question correctly to get a chance to kick the ball. Fractions  Lose the fractions I gave you in class? Here is another copy.
Baseball Fractions Have fun! Fraction Flags Design your own flag using havles and quarters.


Fractions Game

Click on two cards to pair equivalent fractions.  If the fractions are equivalent, it is a match!  If they are not equivalent, they are turned back over. 

Fractions Lesson This is not really a game.  This is a computer lesson on fractions. 
Monkeys! Hang the monkey by putting the hook on its tail into the number line. The game helps you to match the equivalent fractions and ordering fractions!  Nine Fraction Games Want more fraction games?  Here are 9 more! Which is your favorite?


Plane Shapes 

What kind of Triangle? Is the triangle acute, right or obtuse? Practice here. Polygon? How many points can you score in 1 minute and 30 seconds?
Memory with 2D Shapes Click on the cards to match the shape with its correct name.   Jeopardy Play this game against your friends and your family! 
Polygon Matching Do you know the difference between a square and a rhombus? Prove it here. Polygon Game In this game you will classify different polygons based on their properties. BE CAREFUL, if you make a mistake you will start over!
Shapes VIDEO Watch this video.  How many shapes do you know? Math Dictionary Learn more about shapes with this dictionary.


Measurement & Perimeter

Measure It! Practice measuring with a ruler!   FunBrain Geometry 4 levels to choose from
Fishing Move small fish into the small fish tank.  Move big fish into the big fish tank.  Perimeter and Area Everything you ever wanted to know about Area and Perimeter.
Inchy Picnic Click on the anthills.  Enter the amount of inches. Read the directions under the game. GeoBoard Make shapes, count the perimeter and area.  


Fence me in!

Perimeter Practice    




On Time 4 Levels- Set the clock's hands to the given time.  Time for Time Set the time correctly on a clock before time runs out! 
Clock   Where do the numbers go on a clock? Great for beginners!  Your very own clock! Check this out!  It's just like the big yellow clock we have in class.
Time Matching Match the clock to the correct words.  Word Search Find the math words from the list.


A Lesson on Telling Time

Learn to tell time to the hour and half hour.  Be sure to follow the directions! Stop the clock! Drag the correct analog time to the spot above the clock. Press the "Stop the Clock" button when you are done.
Time Quiz Test yourself. Time to the Hour Place the mouse over the number on the clock to show the time.


Elapsed Time

The clock on the right shows the start time. The clock on the left shows the end time. Click on the correct box that shows the elapsed time.      



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Watch Live Manatees It's Snooty!  He is the oldest manatee in captivity and turned 66 years old on July 21, 2014. 
Penguins (Live Camera) Watch live penguins swim, eat, and sleep.  
Cheetah Camera  Scroll half way down the page.
Weather Wiz Kids Learn about clouds, wind, storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, lightning, climate, tornadoes, wildfires, and weather forecasting.




Learn about hippos!


Watch bald eagles!



Time for Kids This website has kid-friendly news stories.
Explore a Pyramid   Send a robot into an Egyptian Pyramid and maybe find treasure!
Adventure Island  Use your map skills to help the tour guide.
Treasure Hunt Use map and math skills in one game.


Map Game

Use your mouse to drag each state to the correct place on the map. The more you practice, the better you will get! Challenge your parents!


Favorite Snacks

  Memory Game


What's for Lunch?

Don't gross out the world!



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Backpack Safety    
Kids Health  
An Adventure in Healthy Eating   Learn about healthy foods and being active.





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Science of Music!  Explore the science of music.  Why do you sound great in the shower? Is birdsong music?  Is music in the kitchen? Find out here.


  Free Teacher Clip Art



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