Homework & Grading Policies

Homework and Grading Policies

Homework:  As they say “practice makes perfect”, and we view homework as just that—practice in becoming better readers, mathematicians, and thinkers.  As a result homework in math and reading are assigned daily and/or weekly.

In third grade, students should expect about 45 minutes of homework daily.  If homework is taking significantly longer than this, please contact your child's teacher.

Students are responsible for:

  • Writing down homework assignments in their planner
  • Making sure that they understand the assignment before leaving school
  • Turning in assignments when they are due
  • Making sure their parents see their agenda
  • Explaining to parents what homework has been assigned and when it is due
  • Making up assignments that are missed when absent

Teachers are responsible for:

  • Communicating their homework procedures clearly to students and parents at the beginning of the year
  • Posting homework assignments in classroom
  • Allowing time for student to record homework assignments in the student's Student Planner
  • Assigning homework that is purposeful and meaningful to student
  • Assigning homework that is related to daily academic program

Parents are responsible for:

  • Arranging a quiet, comfortable, well lit place for their student to work
  • Providing encouragement and support for their student
  • Communicating with the teacher when questions arise about an assignment
  • Checking the student's agenda daily for assignments and checking to make sure students have completed the assignments as written.

When a student does not complete a homework assignment, he/she will have to complete said assignment or a replacement assignment during lunch and/or recess. If a student forgets a homework assignment at home, he/she will have to write what the homework was about and explain the work done. The homework will be turned in the next day and stapled to the paragraph written by the student. Parents will be contacted if the homework is not turned in the following day.

Marking assignments

Third grade teachers will not be using numeric/letter grades to grade student work. Therefore, there will be no grades posted on Edline. We will be using a standard-based report card similar to what K-2 teachers are currently using. Additionally, students will receive a mid-trimester progress report. More information about this report card will be shared on curriculum night.

  • Tests will be marked with the result and the corresponding report card language.
  • Projects, workshop assignments (including discussions) and writing assignments will be marked using a rubric. The rubric will be scored using the corresponding report card language.
  • Homework will be checked for understanding and completion but will not be graded