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Unit 1: Transformations, Congruency, & Similarity

                                                     UNIT OVERVIEW

  • develop the concept of transformations and the effects that each type of transformation has on an object;

  • explore the relationship between the original figure and its image in regards to their corresponding parts being moved an equal distance which leads to concept of congruence of figures;

  • learn to describe transformations with both words and numbers;

  • relate rigid motions to the concept of symmetry and to use them to prove congruence or similarity of two figures;

  • physically manipulate figures to discover properties of similar and congruent figures;

  • focus on the sum of the angles of a triangle and use it to find the measures of angles formed by transversals (especially with parallel lines), find the measures of exterior angles of triangles, and to informally prove congruence.

Unit Vocabulary

 Alternate Exterior Angles     


 Alternate Interior Angles


 Angle of Rotation


Congruent Figures

      Same Side Interior Angles

Congruent Sides

      Same Side Exterior Angles

Corresponding Angles

      Scale Factor


      Similar Figures


Line of Reflection

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