This Month in Mrs. Thrasher's Class

April Happenings 

Upcoming Events:
B’ham Museum of Art –April 1
Book Orders Due – April 3
Easter Egg Hunt – April 10
No School – April 13
Plant Poster Due – April 24
Money due for Alabama Theater (Final Day) – April 30
Children’s Theatre – May 1
Alabama Theatre- May 8
Awards Day/Spring Concert for Kindergarten- May 21

Field Trip to the Birmingham Museum of Art
We will be touring the Birmingham Museum of Art on Wednesday, April 1. We will leave the school around 8:30am and return around 2:00pm. We will eat lunch at Homewood Park. Please make sure that your child has a snack, a lunch, and two drinks. All snacks and lunches need to be labeled as we have done before on our field trips. Please wear your Corner t-shirt.

The SAT’s and ARMT tests will be given March 30th-April 3rd for grades 3-8. Even though we are not taking the test, we will need to be very quiet in our classrooms. April 2nd and 3rd we will be eating lunch in our classrooms. You may bring a lunch from home or order a sack lunch from the lunchroom.

Easter Egg Hunt
We will have an Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, April 10 at 12:30pm. We need parents to help donate eggs as well as hide eggs on this day. We will also have a “special snack” following our egg hunt. Room mothers will be contacting you to help bring in items such as food or eggs. If you can help on this day, please let your teacher know.

Children's Theatre
Our Children’s Theatre field trip is May 1. We will leave the school around 8:30am and return around 2:00pm. Please wear your Corner t-shirt. We will go to the Botanical Gardens for a tour and lunch. Please bring a sack lunch, and two drinks (with everything labeled). We will then go to Children’s Theatre to see “Pinocchio.”

Plant Poster
We are studying plants this month. Please complete a half poster about your favorite plant. You will need to include pictures and 3 facts. Posters are due Friday, April 24.

Alabama Theater Field Trip
We will be going to the Alabama Theater on May 8th. The cost is $12.00. Money is due no later than April 30th. Parents can meet us for lunch at Moncrief Park.

Goals for this month:
Reading/Language Arts:  Phonics: Uu/u/, Vv/v/, Zz/z/, Yy/y/, Qq/kw/, Aa/a/, Ii/i/

Comprehension Skills: compare and contrast, plot, main idea, draw conclusions

High-Frequency Words: what, said, was, where, come

Math: Subtraction

Science: Plants and Weather

Revised April 11, 2009