Class Notes


Here is where you will find the class notes for the first quarter.  If you are absent, make sure to find the date of your absence and download/print the day's notes so you don't fall behind!  laugh

Classroom Notes

DATE  TOPIC  FILES                 
08/14/18 Welcome Back Welcome Back Worksheet
08/15/18 Intro to Stats Data Display Notes 8-15
08/16/18 More Graph Notes Histograms and Shapes of Graph Notes
08/17/18 Measures of Center Notes Notes on Mean, Median and Mode
8/20/18 Notes on Boxplots Day 1 Day One Notes on Boxplots
8/22/18 Notes on Boxplots Day 2 Boxplots and Outliers Notes
08/23/18 Notes on Variability & S.D. Standard Deviation and Variability Notes
8/27/18 Notes on Bivariate Data Bivariate Categorical Data Day One Notes
8/29/18 Day 2 Notes on Bivariate Data Second day of notes on bivariate categorical data
8/31/18 Review Integer Operations Integer Rules Cheat Sheet - Review Operations
9/4/18 Precision and Accuracy Notes on Precision and Accuracy
9/5/18 Significant Digits Notes on Significant Digits
9/6/18 Unit Conversion Notes on Unit Analysis (Conversion)
9/7/18 Review Day!! Review Notes for our Quiz on Tuesday, 9/11
9/10/18 Algebraic Expressions Simplifying and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Notes
9/11/18 Distributive Property Notes on the Distributive Property
9/12/18 Combining Like Terms Notes on Combining Like Terms
9/13/18 Creating Expressions Creating Algebraic Expressions and Equations Notes
9/17/18 Review for Test on Wed.! Answers to Assign #18 - Practice Test #1
9/20/18 Solve One-step equations Notes on solving one-step equations
9/21/18 Solve Two-step equations Notes on how to solve two step equations