Homework Assignments and Class Calendar

BelReview Assignment and Practice Quizow lists all assignments in Third Quarter.  Click on the Blue link to download the worksheet.

Monday, Jan. 7th - Notes on solving systems using the graphing method.  We have our first assignment of the semester today which will be due tomorrow, Jan. 8th.  Assign #1 - Solve Systems by Graphing Worksheet

Tuesday, Jan. 8th - Notes on solving systems using the substitution method.  This is the second of three methods we will be learning.  Assignment which is due tomorrow, Jan. 9th.  Assign #2 - Solve by Substitution Worksheet

Wednesday, Jan. 9th - Review the two methods we learned this week - solve by graphing and solve by substitution.  We have one more assignment on the graphing method.  Assign #3 - Graphing Method Day 2 Worksheet

Thursday, Jan. 10th - Today we learn the third method for solving systems - the elimination method.  We had notes on this method and an assignment which is due tomorrow.  Assign #4 - Solve Systems by Elimination Worksheet

Friday, Jan. 11th - No notes today and no assignment!  Today is a review day.  We talked about the POSTER PROJECT that will be due Jan. 28th.  Make sure to look at the pictures from last year's projects for ideas!  We did an in-class activity - stations with partners.  You do not need to make this up if you were absent.  No homework over the weekend!

Monday, Jan. 14th - Another review day!!  No notes.  We spent the whole class period working on Assign #5 to get ready for the quiz.  You can use this on Wednesday's quiz!!  Assign #5 - Review Assignment and Practice Quiz

Tuesday, Jan. 15th - Notes on word problems today!!  We have an assignment, HOWEVER, this assignment is not due until THURSDAY because I want you to study for the quiz tonight!!  Assign # 6 - Word Problems Worksheet

Wednesday, Jan. 16th - QUIZ #1 in class today!!!!  No notes, no assignment.  Just work on Assign #5 handed out on Tuesday.

Thursday, Jan. 17th - New topic and notes!  There is an assignment today, however, it is not due until next week!  Continue working on Assign #6 which I will collect on Friday, Jan. 18th.  Assign #7 is due WEDNESDAY, Jan. 23rd - Assign #7 - Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities Worksheet