Homework Assignments and Class Calendar

Below lists all assignments in First Quarter.  Click on the Blue link to download the worksheet.


Monday, August 13 - Welcome Back!!!  Today we will register you into the class and discuss class rules.  No Assignment.

Tuesday, August 14 - More information today - we will discuss notebooks and needed materials.  In class, you will work on the Welcome Back Worksheet.  See the "Class Notes" section for that worksheet.  Assign #1 - GET THE COURSE EXPECTATIONS SIGNED by Friday, August 24th.  If you lost your course expectations, click on the "course expectations" section at the left to get another copy.

Wednesday, August 15 - Algebra begins!  Today we look at our first topic - Statisitics.  We discuss the different ways to gather and display data.  Our SECOND assignment and first math assignment starts today!!  Assign #2 - Data Display Worksheet

Thursday, August 16 - Today we review dotplots and historgrams and learn vocabulary for shapes.  See the notes section if you were absent for the examples we did in class!  Today's assignment - Assign #3 - Data Display Worksheet #2