Homework Assignments and Class Calendar

Below lists all assignments in Second Quarter.  Click on the Blue link to download the worksheet.


Wednesday, Oct. 10 - Notes on solving absolute value equations.  The first assignment of second quarter today!  Today we begin grades for second quarter.  Assign #1 - Solving Absolute Value Equations Worksheet

Thursday, Oct. 11 - No notes today.  QUIZ #1 for the SECOND quarter over linear inequalities in class today!!!!  NO ASSIGNMENT.

Friday, Oct. 12 - New notes today - absolute value inequalities.  Check the notes section for today's notes.  We also have an assignment - I know it is a weekend, but we have one, nonetheless!  Assign #2 - Solving Absolute Value Inequalities Wksht

Monday, Oct. 15 - REVIEW DAY!!  We have our inequalities test on THURSDAY.  Review BINGO game in class - NO ASSIGNMENT.

Tuesday, Oct. 16 - REVIEW DAY!!!  Today we work on the practice test.  Study this before Thursday!  Assign #3 - Unit Three Practice Test

Wednesday, Oct. 17 - Last review day before our test Thursday.  Look at the Class Notes section to see the answers to the Practice Test!!  No Assignment today.

Thursday, Oct. 18 - TEST #1 over linear inequalities.  No Assignment.

Friday, Oct. 19 - New Unit!  Today we begin Unit Four.  We will be concentrating on relations and functions.  Today we learned about time graphs.  We DID have an assignment over the weekend!!! - Assign #4 - Time Graph Worksheet

Monday, Oct. 22 - New information!  Notes on functions, relations, domain and range.  Make sure to visit the notes section for all examples if you were absent.  Assign #5 - Function Worksheet