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Using Remind

Instruction for Remind*

If you HAVE a smartphone, get push notifications.

  • Open your browser and go the following link:
    • A-Block:
    • B-Block:
    • D-Block:

If you DON'T HAVE a smartphone, get text messages.

  • Text message the following to 81010.
    • A-Block: mrstchand
    • B-Block: mrstchandl
    • D-Block: 7c76ka


*Remind is a safe, secure way for me: 

  • to send reminders about class exams and projects
  • to send individual messages to parents about their child
  • to send individual messages to students about assignments
  • to respond instantly to student questions about any assignments the student may be doing at home
  • to keep an open line of communication with students and parents.

Using Email

Email Address