Mrs. Tiffany Becker's Tutoring Website

 Hello! My name is Mrs. Tiffany Becker. I am a senior at Miami University studying to become a teacher in the Early Childhood Education Program. I work part time (mostly on the weekends as a nurse). I am going to be offering tutoring/ homework help opportunities in my home or I can come to your home starting in June 2011.

I can tutor your child as early as 3 years old (pre-k) and until they are in the 3rd grade. If they are going to be going into the fourth grade in the fall I can also help them prepare for the fourth grade and make sure they dont lose the information they gained that year during the summer. I can also help with homework too!

I can tutor to meet your child's needs whether it be preparation for moving up in grade level, reinforce what they learned throughout the year, or to help them in their struggling areas.

If you are interested in just getting your child assessed I can also preform assessments to let you know where your child is struggling or what their strengths are in.

How I make tutoring Terrific: 

ALL my lessons are engaging, fun, interactive and INDIVIDUALIZED for you child based on their strengths and weaknesses! Tutoring times and frequency varies by child so please call me to dicuss your concerns today or feel free to email me! Your child can learn and can be successful!

1st tutoring session: (1-2 hours long) Get to know your child on a personal and academic level. Assessments will be preformed in language arts (reading,writing, and spelling) additional assessments if requested may also be preformed.

Cost: $20.00 at my home       $30.00 at your home

subsequent tutoring sessions: Lessons and activities will focus on the individual needs of your child. The lessons can simply be to help with homework or can be made to help prepare students for the next grade and to help with struggling areas of difficulty.

Cost: $15/hr at my home       $20.00/hr at your home

Assessments ONLY (No tutoring): I can provide assessments in any subjects. This could be done as a priliminary assessment to see if tutoring is needed or for peace of mind. 

Cost: $30.00 at my home      $ 40.00 at your home

All fees include materials used, time in planning activities to be indivual to your child's needs, assessments, and assessment summaries.

For summer tutoring I generally recommend 1-2 hours 3x a week minium to retain what was learned in the previous grade. For catching up, struggling in a subject or preparing for the next grade level i reccommend tutoring 3 x a week for 2 hours minium.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at or call 937-546-9910