What is Digital Citizenship?


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What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is an idea that assists educators, students and parents with understanding how to use technology appropriately. It is a device used to aid the educators with enhancing student learning.  In addition, it aids in preparing technology users for a world driven by technology. Setting the standard for appropriate use is the key to being a responsible technology user.


                                                                                Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship


Educators, students, and parents can set the standard for appropriate technology use by being responsible technology users.  A responsible technology user stay on task, access good websites, type kind words, and don't give out personal information. 

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Rings of responsibility

                                                                                                                       Digital Citizenship Responsibility

In today's society with the option of students bringing their own devices, there is a need for digital citizenship.  There is a greater need for educators, parents and students to know what is best for them in relation to appropriate internet use.

Great strategies for Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Contract for Kids

Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety



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