Classroom Technology Rules

Why should students have classroom technology rules? Just as students have rules in the classroom on what is expected of them, they must have them for using technology too! How else will students understand how they shoud treat the technology in their classroom?

Great examples of technology rules for the classroom!

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Students need rules for how to use the technology in their classroom, safe ways to use technology, and which websites are safe for them to use. Teachers need to teach students how to put away their classroom technology when they are finished with it and how to share it with their classmates. 

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How do you know what rules you should have for your classroo technology?  Your classroom rules should be simple and easy to follow. Rules about what sites are safe for them to use, what information they should never share online, and how to take care of classroom technology equipment are just a few rules you should consider creating for your classroom. 

Classroom Technology Rules & Contract

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Teachers should have rules for thier students to keep them safe when using the internet and rules for using their technology equipment properly and safely as well. 

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How do teachers teach the classroom technology rules to thier students? First they have to model for their students what proper care of technology looks like. Then they have to explain classroom technolgy rules in detail and make sure students understand what each rule means and why they have it. Last, monitor how well students follow the classroom technology rules until they have mastered them. 

Blog on how to Teach Technology Routines in the classroom!


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Video of some classroom technology examples!



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