What is Netiquette?

What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is the code of proper conduct applied to virtual online spaces. This code is dictated by common sense rules (manners) and social conventions. Having proper netiquette is just as important as the technology itself. With netiquette taking place in your classroom, an inviting and respectful environment is created where different view points and opinions all have an important place.


There are common rules of netiquette, as well as rules for Discussion Boards or any other interactive and social forum. Common rules of netiquette include being scholarly, respectful, professional, and polite. Being scholarly includes using proper language, grammar, and spelling. This also includes justifying their opinions, citing resources, and not misinforming anyone. Respectful Netiquette involves privacy of themselves and others (such as phone numbers or addresses), respecting diversity, and all communication should be courteous. Netiquette Professionalism qualities are being truthful and accurate. Using legible fonts with no emoticons is also considered professional. There should never be profanity and participation in hostile interactions. Being polite is also a very important part of Netiquette. Students should address each other by name, as well as their teachers with the correct title.


All interaction should be polite, just as expected in their normal classroom enviornmentThere should never be sarcasm, rudeness, or things like writing in capital letters (which suggests shouting). Discussion Board Netiquette rules include being credible, being mindful of your tone, reading all other comments before posting, being clear and staying on topic, and respecting diversity. This can also be things like staying on topic, checking the class FAQ or searching the Internet if your question is easy to find an answer to, or as simple as saying "please" and "thank you" when asking for help from classmates.

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If not the most important, one of the most important Netiquette rules is to report cyber bullying. If you see any degrading or inappropriate comments, posts, or interactions towards anyone on any social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Discussion Boards, etc.) or project, it is vital to report these so that this issue can be resolved and ensure it doesn’t happen again.


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