About Me


I was born in Brooklyn, NY as Tonnie Fitzroy Bennett in 1990. My family is from Trinidad and Tobago, but they currently reside in both Tampa and Orlando, FL.  I graduated from Tampa Bay Technical High School in 2008 and completed my AA degree in 2010 at Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL. I later transferred to The University of South Florida's College of Education where I received my Bachelor's degree and continued until I obtained my Masters degree in Elementary Education. Before I chose to become a teacher, I wanted to become a computer engineer; however, my love of teaching children overpowered that desire and I switched my major to Early Childhood Education. I wanted to teach second grade, because the children are at a point in their young lives, when studying habits are forming.  I wanted to capture their influential spirits during that time frame and stimulate their lives in extending good studying and learning habits that will follow them throughout their walk of life.