What Is Silica Gels & Its Use In Food Industry

Silica gel is added to many foods and supplements to stop clumping, allowing easy packaging, transportation, and flowability. It keeps your lettuce and herbs fresh for much longer by placing a package of food-grade silica gel beads in the bottom of your vegetable container. The silica gel is not a cause for concern unless the packets are coat in cobalt chloride, which is toxic. Silica gel packets are design to extend the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals in small packaged environments.

Silica gel packets are use to absorb moisture and keep things dry. The desiccants can also be use to significant effect in pantries or when drying foods for long-term storage. Packets will significantly increase the shelf life of items made from Isomalt and cooked sugar. The packets will significantly increase the shelf life of items made from cooked sugar.

Silica gel packets

Silica gel for food is unsafe to eat. Still, the manufacturer of silica gel recommends customers not ingest it. The gel is not for eating, as the packets always say, but they don’t have to be thrown away either. The gel is the most commercial and common desiccant used in food and non-food products. Silica packets are use for premium food packaging to absorb moisture and prolong the shelf life of foods. To check out our product range, you can visit our official website anytime.

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