About Me

Meet the Teacher

I am a graduate of the University of South Florida, where I graduated in 2008. I was born in Bartow, Florida and raised in Lakeland, Florida. During my final semester at USF, I student taught in kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms.  In Virginia I taught ELL students in middle and high school.  Since 2013 I have taught at Palmetto Elementary starting in 4th grade my first year, and just completing my second year in second grade.   I am grateful for my experience in second grade because it has helped me understand the foundation of knowledge that your child is building upon now in third grade.

Some of my specific education-related interests include: Whole Brain Teaching, Kagan strategies incorporating a lot of movement and high interest activities, student-centered discovery learning, use of technology, and cooperative student learning strategies. My goal is to not only teach my students academic-related content, but also to teach them skills they will need to be successful over the course of their lives.