My Expectations and Grading

My expectations are the same for all my classes. You must:

1. Be respectful

2. Come Prepared and On time

3. Follow all school rules

These rules are simple and can be followed but if they are not you will be punished with the severity of your actions. For tardies the punishments will proceed as follows and will begin IMMEDITELY: 

1. First Tardy- Warning

2. Second and Up- -5pts on homework and -10% on assignments due THAT DAY

You are high schoolers not 2 year olds learning to walk your choices will have consequences and you will have to live with them.

I grade with the standard grading so everything equals what ever points they are worth with the exception of Forensics 1 & 2, Sports Med., and Spanish 2 these classes have weighted grades. To see exact calculations see my class pages.