Welcome! In this subject you will learn the ways our forensic teams around the US work, operate, and connect to one another. You will be using basic and advanced skills to solve cases. You will learn the many different branches of the forensics team and how each of them work. So sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

Grading: Our grades are weighted accordingly-

Projects 20%

Test 20%

Quiz's 15%

Notes 5%

Homework 5%

Finals 35%

Your Finals are a very big part of your final grade, you can NOT afford to slack off on them at any given time. To pass you must have a minimum of 73% first semester and a 78% second semester. Be prepared to work and work hard, any foolishness at all and you will be punished accordingly to the severity of your actions.

I have 1 rule for the labs, NO HORSING AROUND!!! Breaking this rule will put you out of this class the day you decided to break this rule.

We will have fun but when its time to work, we work.