Talking plays a big role in our lives, I understand that. However you have plenty of time outside of class or when we do vocab. to talk, therefore I will be doing a 5-10pt. assignment for talking. When I am at my desk or talking to another child you may speak freely, but when I am talking to the class as a whole or giving directions, you may NOT speak for any reason, if you have a question or wish to explain something to a neighbor you will raise your hand and ask for permission. If you don't the following will be your consequenses:

First- Warning

Second- -ALL your points for the talking i.e. 0/5 or 0/10

Third- Stay 5-10 min. after class

Fourth- Detention for 1 lunch

Fifth- Detention for rest of week

These are the penalties that will be given to you, this is NOT 5 warnings in a day but 5 warnings in a WEEK!

You all are high schoolers not elementary, so you will be punished like like on, or to the severity of your actions. Choices have consequences!