Things That You Should Do When Playing Golf During The Holiday

So your partner came home all excited with the news that you people are going on holiday. You are all excited and happy. At last he finally decided to make a decision to go on holiday. You had been worried sick about whether you will be going on holidays this year. He has been so engrossed in his work that you were even scared to bring up the issue of holidays. Now he is home and brandishing the bookings.

In your excitement you grab the bookings from him and just as you read the first line, all the excitement turned instantly to anger. Why on earth does he think going to a golfing holiday with International Golf Club is your idea of fun?  He breathes and eats golf but that is not your idea of fun during holiday. In fact you think golf is for lazy people. As far as you are concerned, it is boring and you are sure you will be bored to death during the Golf Resort Dubai holiday. Hey don’t be a wet blanket. Before you crucify your partner, why don’t you give it a try and find out what fun it will be. If you didn’t know, there are a lot of things you can do during such Dubai Golf Club holiday.


Visit the site attractions

You may not like the idea of golf during the Troon Tee Times holiday but at least these are not located in space. On the contrary, they are mostly located in places with a lot of site attractions. When you feel watching people play golf is not for you, you can ask to be taken around town. You can visit some of the site attractions and spend time on the beach if you are in a beach location.

Go shopping

All ladies love to shop and you are not going to pretend you are not “all ladies”. You will be pretty happy to go around the local town and buy anything that catches your eye. It would even be better when you are using your partner’s credit card. To make your holiday attractive you can join Troon Golf Club.

Spend time at the spa

If there is golfing around you can be sure the non golfers will be compensated with an exotic spa experience. While the others play, you can spend time pampering yourself at the spa. Get that in depth body exfoliation you had always wanted. Don’t forget to request for a head to toe massage. You may even like it so much you will ask your partner to extend the stay. Troon Golf Dubai can be your best option to spend vacation in an attractive manner.

Learn to play golf

Ok yes, we know you said you didn’t like golf and that you thought it was boring. However since you are already there, why don’t you try your hand at learning? There will be plenty of opportunities to learn. You may be surprised you will love it.