Mr. T's Science Website with Mrs Eraca & Mrs. Lepere


This is our simple site to list important dates, links and assignments to assist you in Science this school year.  Mrs. Eraca teaches first period Science with me and Mrs. Lepere teaches 7th period Science with me. 


All homework assignments will be posted here so you can always checked on what you need to do or what you missed.


All tests will be announced on this site so you will have time to prepare and study.

Links and Study Guides

I will be putting links to songs, videos, and information needed to enhance our learning and can be used as study guides for tests.


Any projects will be announced here weeks in advance of the due date.


Students need to have their planner, pen or pencil, and Science Notebook with them for every class.


Enjoy the year!  Any questions just email Mr. Truscello