A Bullet Point List about Mrs. Trusler

Hi!!  A little about me in bullet points.

My Professional World:

  • This is my first year in Richmond.
  • I have taught 8th grade ELA and 8th grade US history in other school districts.
  • Bachelor's of Education - University of Cetnral Oklahoma
  • Master's of Arts - Baker University
  • Certifications - 5-12 Social Studies; 5-12 English, k-12 FACS, K-12 Special Ed Mild/Moderate
  • In my previous, non-education life I have worked as a secretary, director of a salon and spa and social worker.

My Family World:

  • My husband, Paul, and I have been married for five years.
  • I have 6 children in the house and one who has moved out.
    • Kathryn - 20 years old (mother of my 18 month old grandson, Kain)
    • Sarah - 16 years old
    • Roman - 12 years old
    • Phillip - 12 years old (step son)
    • Lilly - 10 years old (step daughter)
    • Eli - 3 1/2 year od (twin A)
    • William - 3 1/2 year old (twin B)
  • I love my furry friends.
    • Bear, English Shepherd dog (My children named him)
    • Gatsby, cat  (Named after the Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald)
    • Zelda, cat (Named after F.Scott Fitzgerald's wife)
    • Archimedes, rat (named after Greek philosopher)
    • Socrates, rat (named after a Greek philopher)
  • I have amazing parents who have made me who I am today.

My Social World:

  • I'm very active in many facets of my community
    • I volunteer at my church working with the youth and in the ladies' ministry.
    • I volunteer with Lone Jack Historic Site
      • Just finished a new exhibit (your should really go check it out!)
      • First person impressions of Lucinda Cave
      • Other events and activities throughout the year.
    • I am a living historian and often educate the public on the role of women in the American Civil War.
      • I  have assissted in exhibits at Fort Osage and the Atkins-Johnson Farmstead
  • My main hobbies are:
    • Restoring my 100 year old house
    • Sewing / Crafting
    • Reading
    • Geneology
    • Sleeping (ha, ha, ha)