Tara Walker's Classroom Website


To Tara Walker's classroom website for Agora Cyber Charter School!! 

It is with great pleasure and honor to have you visit our classroom site and engage in our learning experiences. I hope that this page will bring you a little bit of information, a whole lot of fun opportunities for growth as a person, and a huge amount of laughter!! cheeky


About me

My name is Tara Marie Walker and I am honored to be one of your teachers this year!! 

I am a mother of two adult children;  Alesha is 23 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California;  Johnathan is 20 years old and lives in Orlando, Florida. I adore all animals , especially dogs and I have 2 right now that I take care of. I love their hugs and kisses kiss!! 

Some of my favorite things in the world to do is walk in nature, hike on trails, run, be outside and admire the beauty of nature and all that it offers!! So if you ever can't reach me I am lost in the woods and hiking away!! 

Our Classroom     

Our classroom will be filled with smiles smiley, educational stuff, and opportunities to grow as individuals during this school year. We will work hard, laugh often, and create new memories of learning and friendships!! 

                                                                            We will learn and grow TOGETHER!!!


Helpful suggestions to make this year successful!! 

  1. Be thankful for at least one thing each day!
  2. Positive attitude
  3. Try your best each day. 
  4. Communicate with your teachers 
  5. Read all emails and respond if necessary 
  6. Complete at least 30 minutes of work in each of your subjects each day. 
  7. Smile :) 
  8. Take time each day to do something fun and enjoy life to its fullest!! 



This is the main website for helpful information regarding all things Agora!! Please visit this site at least once a week to keep informed about what is happening in our school.  


All Set to explore the possibilities of life? 

All that's left is your imagination and your plans! When you're ready, you can take on the world and become anyone you want to!! 

YOU are spectacular, unique, intelligent, creative, beautiful, and amazing!!!! And don't let anyone tell you different!! 

You are a blessing and a gift !!! Now, go off and show off your greatness!!! 

Have Fun!
Ms. Tara  heart