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Assignments for English II



I will be giving one half of the SAT Vocab test this Friday January 7th and the other half next Friday January 14, they will also be taking a mock writing test for the other half of their final grade!



Monday: Vocabulary paragraph using list ONE all 10 SAT words, reviewed the transition words sheet, went over the structure for writing a defintion paper: 1. First Thoughts, 2. Introduction, 3. Literature, 4. Historical, 5. Movie, and 6. conclusion, began working on the definition paper as a class defining what the word responsibility means. 

Tuesday:  Vocabulary paragraph using list TWO all 10 SAT words, take the brainstorming for defining responsibility and make it in to a paper.

Wednesday: Vocabulary Paragraph using list THREE all 10 SAT words, choose a new topic as a class and begin working on the brainstorming process, review the structure for planning a defintion paper.

Thursday: Vocabulary parapgraph using list FOUR all 10 SAT words, continue working on the plannings for the new topic, and begin putting the ideas into parapgraphs for the paper, REVIEW FOR TEST ON LIST 1-4!

Friday: Vocabulary TEST part 1 on list 1-4! Go over samples of the writing test that have been scored 0-4, and also review the sheet how to ACE the writing test (this will provide tips!)

Get 2 Months for $5!