Tyllie Corbin's ePortfolio

Standard #1: Academic Results


Emily and I administered the New York State Regents Exam to our Spanish 3 students, which consisted of a listening, a reading, and a writing portion.  I was very pleased with how the students did on the listening and reading portions of the exam.  I knew that students need more practice with their writing skills, and the test reinforced that. 


My plan for improving their writing skills is as follows: I will explore the FLTEACH listserv for writing ideas along with different teacher editions of textbooks that I have in my classroom.  I will also ask some of the English teachers how they go about teaching writing.  I will also make examples of what a good and bad writing sample look like, so that students have something to compare their writing to.  I would also like to make rubrics for writing projects and have the students practice scoring different works.


For my artifact, I have included our test along with the data analysis for each of our classes.