Summer Assignments 2010

Sixth Grade English Summer Assignment


  •  Novel Leon's Story
  • Computer with Internet Access  OR
  • Dictionary
Young Women’s Leadership School of QueensWriting Assignment on Leon’s Story by Leon Walter TillageDue Date: First day of schoolNatasha Fortune (7th grade English)  Materials: For this assignment you will need to access the internet. You should use the following online dictionary: 1.  Throughout this novel there are many words that come to mind.     Words such as injustice, inequality, segregation, humanity, inhumane. Your task is to define each word then think about a scene in the book which illustrates and captures the word. You are to describe in your own words why you chose this scene/chapter and how it relates to the term (1 paragraph 6-10 sentences). Make sure you list the chapter title that you are referring to Example:Inhumane- without compassion for misery or suffering; cruel.In the novel Leon’s story inhumane behavior was found throughout thetext. The one chapter that stands out for me was the one called Odd Jobs. In this chapter Leon’s boss decides to set his dog upon him for sport. I believe that this act was extremely inhumane. Leon could have been mauled to death for no apparent reason. At that time inhumane actions towards black occurred on regular bases.  2. Cover Page     Create a new cover design for the book. Keep in mind the scenes and imagery of the book. Be creative. Make sure to include:·        The title and author on your cover page.·        Your first and last name