Classroom Technology Rules

Classroom Technology Rules


1. Only visit approved internet sites.

2. Never give out personal information.

3. Tell your teacher if you see something uncomfortable or inappropriate.

4. Never download anything without teacher permission.

5. Leave your workspace as you found it.

6. Print only if you have permission.

7. Never change settings without permission. 

8. Place devices on chargers when not in use. 

9. Touch the mouse and keyboard gently.

10. Do not eat or drink near devices. 

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Technology Rules:

  • It is important to have a set of rules for students to follow.
  • Make sure rules are simple and kid-friendly so they understand.
  • Each classroom may have different rules (the set above is an example)
  • If you are experiencing trouble putting together a set of rules, try visiting this site
  • Pinterest has ideas/resources for anyone to use. 

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