Ensuring Equitable Digital Access



Ensuring Equitable Access


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You have to make sure that the students are learning.  When students come to your classroom it is essential for a teacher to make sure that there are ample support for your students.  There will be students who come to hour room that are as familiar with technology as the tech teacher at school, but there will also be those students who only get to use technology when they come to school.  Therefore each student will need different levels of support from you.  There needs to be a plan in place so that every student has a chance to learn from the use of technology.  


When you create a schedule remember fair doesn't alway mean equal.  When you create a schedule then you have to make sure that the students are all learning.  If you have students who are not as proficient with the technology that you use in your room as others, then make sure you have peer tutors who are able to help students create an understanding of the technology being used.  Also be aware of your student's needs when creating a schedule of use in the classroom.  Don't forget to utilize your school's computer lab!!


Equity in the classroom


1. Know your district's policy on technology use in the classroom; think about bring your own devide (BYOD). 

2. Know your students. Make sure that the schedule you mae takes into consideration that some student's don't have access to technology except in your classroom.

3. Know your environment. If you have a limited amount of devices ensure that you are making the most of your time adn create a schedule that allows students frequent access. 

4. Know your population. Make sure you have assistance in place for those students who struggle with technology due to ability level.  Create a peer tutoring program. 


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