Safe Students on the Internet!


Keeping students safe on the internet is a priority everyone is involved in. This job is conquered by parents, family members, teachers, administration, and school staff. It is imperative everyone keeps a watchful eye and makes sure the students are operating the world wide web in a safe and conductive manner.

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Key Components to Internet Safety 

A useful website I found is: Research by Nancy Willard, a former educator and attorny, has deemed useful and appropriate. She beleives in 4 key components: focus on the educational purpose, educate about safe and responsible use, supervision and monitoring, and discipline. 


1. Focus on the Educational Purpose: This component related to school district servers and blockers. Each school district server should have the internet use limited to sites that are intended for learning, enrichment, and career development. This componenet will help keep students off sites that are not appropriate or intended for safe, school use. 

2. Educate about Safe and Responisble Use:  Teachers and administrators will take on the main role of educating students about the use of the internet and student responsibilities. Their are requirements and standards that must be met that can be found here:

3. Supervision and Monitoring: Everyone in the student's life plays a role in supervision and monitoring. The use of the internet should be monitored by appropriate use and circumstances. Teachers play a vital role in this in their classrooms. Teachers must supervise/monitor the apps played and websites allowed for studetns to visit during center time or "free time." 

4. Discipline: School systems and individual classrooms should have consequences for misuse of the internet. Each consequence should be deemed appropriate for the act it follows. Students must know the importantce of following internet safety rules. 


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Email Safety Tips 

  • Never share your email login or password.
  • Be selective on who has access to your email account.
  • Clean out spam folder & don't open junk emails.
  • Understand how to foward emails and what is appropriate and what is not.
  • Talk to an adult if you see anything you are uncomfortable with. 


"An email account is a a rite of passage in your child's life. With a few easy steps, it can be a very positive experience for you and them both." (Oler, Brittany 2017)

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