What is Digital Citizenship?

What is digital Citizenship?

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Digital Citizenship is all about working through the digital world safely, responsibily, and ethically. Teaching our students digitital citizenship is important because in a world full of technology, our students must learn to work on the internet safely and responsibily. Digital citizenship includes: emailing appropriately, reporting and not participating in cyber bullying, and learning how to appropriate protect private information (Bharti, 2014).

Digital Citizenship Tips for Parents and Teachers:

(Adapted from "Why is Digital Citizenship Important?" By: Bharti)
1. Parents/Teachers  need to stay incredibly informed. You need to understand what your children are doing and you should be able to access all of the apps and websites they are using. Don't only have access, make sure to access them often.
2. Teach students to be respectful over the internet. Reminds that once something is published onilne, it will be there forever, so nice words are the only thing that should be used.
3. Be a good learner.

Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers:

  • Looking for a great set of Digital Citizenship Lessons for your students?
    Access a whole series of videos for your students on youtube HERE.
  • Digital Citizenship Flashcards/Game on Quizlet - HERE.
  • This Edutopia website is full of Digital Citizenshp Resources for parents and teachers.


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