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Ultrasonic defoaming equipment

Product Details

This equipment is a kind of ultrasonic defoaming equipment specially used for filling production line. This equipment can completely solve the problem of foam overflow bottle mouth after filling. It is suitable for filling production lines such as carbonated beverages, fruit juices and beer. It can be installed directly on the existing production line and can be used without modifying the existing production line.

Through the focusing and transmission of ultrasonic waves in the air, a small area of negative pressure is generated at the mouth of the beverage bottle, and the overflowing foam is eliminated. It can be used for carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated fruit juices, tea drinks, dairy drinks, sparkling wines, carbonated pre-mix drinks or beer.




Improved efficiency:

Improve production efficiency: can increase the filling speed by more than 20%, and foam overflow will not increase

Improve product quality: significantly reduce the rate of defective products caused by overflow

Reduce unit energy consumption: The temperature of the filling workshop can be adjusted to 2-4 ℃, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the workshop



1. Easy installation, no need to modify the production line

2.Equipment protection grade IP68

3. Maximum production speed:

4. Water cooling cycle to ensure stable work for a long time

5.Can be externally controlled by PLC

6, extremely low power consumption: use power less than 200W


35K 700-800W Ultrasonic Transducer

Product Details

Power Frequency range Resistance range Chip color and capacitance range(pf) Transducer shape Material of booster
(W) (kHz) Ω yellow ceramic grey ceramic black ceramic    
800 34.50-35.10 <35 6600-7400 —— 9200-10200    
  Order Code : 135-227   135-327 Inverted horn Steel


Power Frequency range Resistance range Chip color and capacitance range(pf) Transducer shape Material of booster
(W) (kHz) Ω yellow ceramic grey ceramic black ceramic    
700 34.50-35.10 <40 5500-6200 —— ——    
  Order Code : 135-228     Inverted horn Steel


Ultrasonic Wire Embedder

Ultrasonic wire embedding device, also known as smart card antenna welding machine, smart card spot welding machine, smart card antenna implanter, etc., is a professional equipment for smart card embedding wire, which is used for sheet welding positioning and antenna implantation. One of the important applications in the RFID field. Hangzhou Success Ultrasonic is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture and research and development of ultrasonic equipment. It has many years of experience in ultrasonic welding applications and can provide solutions for buried wire welding of various ID smart cards.


Ultrasonic wire embedder standard machine (60kHz 8-in-1 or 10-in-1)

RFID card standard buried wire movement

Main features

◆ Installation: Combined cabinet form, can control eight or ten buried heads to work at the same time
◆ Control mode: multi-point energy fine adjustment, external control, simpler operation
◆ Energy adjustment: 60-100%, three levels of power adjustable, high and low energy switching
◆ Buried thread head: wear-resistant tool head, buried distance 20,000 meters
◆ Appearance: Light body design, beautiful and durable, good heat dissipation
◆ Stability: 24 hours work, uniform energy output
◆ Application: High-energy mode is suitable for embedding wire on the outer circle of smart card, and low-energy mode is suitable for chip-embedding of chip.

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70k Ultrasonic NC Wire Embedder

High-speed smart card buried line preferred

Main features

◆ Intelligent frequency search: automatic frequency adjustment function to prolong the life of buried head
◆ Appearance: Light body, beautiful and durable, good heat dissipation performance
◆ Stability: 24 hours work, stable energy output
◆ Application: Suitable for high-speed buried wire applications, the buried wire speed is twice that of 60K equipment

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